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Survival Frog is the largest and most trusted source for survival and preparedness products online. They distribute physical survival and outdoor gear throughout the US and Canada, and the company has evolved into the industry leader in preparedness products and survival gear sold online.

How prepared are you for tough times? Probably not much because of all the convenience that urbanization and technology have brought about.

Well, that may be the biggest difference between you and preppers and survivalists. No idea who these are? The best way to describe them is just people who like to be self-reliant.

Survivalists basically need gear and food that can sustain them for long and this is where companies like Survival Frog come in.

Therefore, if you are in the market for emergency and survival preparedness products, you may want to go through our honest review of the Survival Frog marketplace.

An Overview of Survival Frog

After thorough research, we have come to the realization that Survival Frog is the leading and most dependable source for preparedness and survival online. That should get us started on the right track don’t you think?

Byron Walker, the Founder, came up with the idea to sell product-info online (almost a decade ago). 

Needless to say, what began as Peak 10 Publishing turned out to be the dependable website that we are now talking about.

What you will find different and appealing about Survival Frog is that they offer a combination of their own products as well as products from other recognized brands. We can bet you will enjoy the diversity.

On the website, you will come across several water purification devices, food options, and more. Of course, everything on the website is tested for performance and resilience. So if you want to get equipment for your next escapade or survival gear in readiness for emergency situations or disaster, this is your ideal one-stop-shop.


Before you actually get into Survival Frog’s website, you probably want to know what you will find there. Not to worry; we are here to provide you with all the information you might need.

The website classifies all its products into different categories such as camping, great gifts, survival education, and kits, food, and water, communication, and energy as well as survival gear.

However, that is not the only way you can search for products on the website. You can also browse by subcategories, brand, or price. How cool is that?

That aside, here is what you will find on the site.

1. Survival Equipment

Here, you will find everything you may need to spend the night away from your home. 

With subcategories such as survival knives, and fire starting and prevention, we are certain that you will enjoy picking all the equipment you require.

If you prefer multi-purpose accessories and tools, this platform has such in plenty as well. For instance, they have a 5-in-1 survival shovel that aside from using as a knife can also be used as a torch.

2. Communications and Energy

Have you ever stopped to think about what would happen to the energy supply or communications system during adverse times? They would probably shut down and you want to be prepared for that.

In that regard, this category features several essentials that will come in handy during such times. This includes emergency lighting, solar power, and survival radios among a few others.

3. Water and Food

Obviously, we need food and water to stay alive but even such basic necessities may be elusive in the face of crisis.

As such, you want to have enough stock of non-perishable foods or something that can help you acquire the same.

Well, guess who has you sorted on that? On this site, you will get a selection of canned foods as well as water filtration and storage system among other essentials.

5. Survival Kits

This section is exclusively designed for persons who are interested in buying a selection of survival supplies to be left at home, in a car, or any other place where they may be needed.

These kits include backpacks, pet survival kits, emergency survival kits, car survival kits, and bug out bags. 

6. Survival Education

Survival Frog produces several educational programs and survival tutorials to sell on their site. In these guides, you will get a number of tips and tricks as well as strategies for surviving adverse situations.

Some of the popular books included in this section include the EMP survival guide and bonuses, the after crisis guide, and survival tips guide.

7. Great Gifts

This category contains sales products, gift ideas, clearance bin, and a selection of other accessories and gifts that you may find helpful.

Here, you will find gifts for the survivalist in your life or even yourself.

8. Camping

In this section, you will find the same supplies available in other sections; only that they are labeled under “camping”.

Some of the things under this category include hiking gear, water and food, first aid equipment, camp shelter, and water storage and purification systems.

Survival Frog

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Shipping and Delivery

Currently, Survival Frog exclusively ships to Canada and the USA. While it offers free shipping to all orders going to the 48 communicable states orders placed for Canada, Alaska, and Hawaii will be required to pay shipping fees.

If you order from Canada, you will be required to pay for any taxes or duty incurred.

Unfortunately, the vendor doesn’t ship to Europe, but you can access their products in the Europe Amazon platform.

If your order is personally shipped by this vendor, you can opt for fast shipping but note that this will cost you extra.

Quality of Customer Support

The products on Survival Frog’s website may be invaluable, but how good is their customer service? Because that can make all the difference.

We found both positive and negative reviews about the site but to be honest; the positive reviews do outweigh the negative ones.

The company can be reached by both email and phone and we think that is a good indicator that this is a dependable company.

Final Thoughts

There is not much for survivalists and preppers out there and we think that Survival Frog fills that gap. They have an extensive product range which means that they have things you may have never thought existed.

We found their pricing to be reasonable which is a plus because when it comes to survivalism, cutting costs is paramount.

To that end, we think that this site is worth checking out.