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Field Supply has been around for almost 20 years.  They want to make sure you can reach them easily and rest assured that they have the best available customer service anywhere. They are committed to make your experience second to none.

Are you a hunting enthusiast? Or do you just need hunting gear for an upcoming trip? Whatever it is, you can agree with us that finding great hunting stuff is not easy. 

Of course, you may find one or two things at your local store but what are the chances that you will find everything you need under the same roof? Your guess is as good as ours.

Introducing the Field Supply website where you can shop for everything you could ever need for your escapades.

How reliable is this site? We are about to let you in on the truth behind this relatively popular platform.

Field Supply Overview

We bet that the biggest question on your mind right now is what is Field Supply all about? Of course, we already mentioned that it is a website that sells hunting gear.

But, it wouldn’t be fair for us to be that vague so here goes. The site is more like an everyday treasure hunt where you will find new products daily but most importantly, it is a one-stop shop for all your hunting needs.

The company has been in operation for over 20 years and has its headquarters in Pennsylvania. That should tell you something about their credibility right? Moving on swiftly to how the site operates.

How it Works

Field Supply is an online shopping platform that offers an assortment of hunting gear. All you have to do is log into the site and type in whatever you are looking for in the search dialog box.

Alternatively, you can browse by category and pick the items you want. Once you are done picking, you want to go to your cart and press the checkout option and then proceed to pay.

You will be charged shipping fees accordingly. After that, you want to sit back and wait for your order to be shipped to the address you will have provided. It is as simple as that!


As you browse through the Field Supply site, you will come across equipment, supplies, and tools for all your outdoor activities.

The best thing is that all these products are from the best brands in the industry. Let us look at some of the categories on the site.

1. Hunting Equipment

It does not matter whether you hunt for fun or survival, you will require all the right tools and equipment is you want to have a seamless experience.

Fortunately, the platform stocks all the hunting supplies you may ever need and at great discounts too! Their extensive selection includes footwear, slings, and ammunition storage among many other things.

2. Hunting Attire

You may be interested in hunting during the cold weather or even warm but Field Supply focuses more on hunting apparel to keep you covered, dry, and warm without making you uncomfortable.

The site has everything from jackets to base layers to keep you dressed suitably for the weather.

3. Knives

Any hunter or person who engages in outdoor activity will tell you that a knife is one of the most versatile and essential tools you could own.

In that regard, this vendor stocks an assortment of knives to sort your needs from rope cutting to skinning.

4. Air Guns

Depending on the kind of outdoor activity you want to engage in, you may need an air gun. Well, you will be pleased to learn that the site stocks both refurbished and new guns to suit your budget.

That is not all as you will also find optic slopes to help you improve on your accuracy.

5. Tactical Gear

When we talk about tactical gear, the kind you will find on the site is military quality and can withstand the rigors of uneven terrain and extreme weather conditions. 

What we are simply saying is that this gear is as tough as can be. Some of the things under this category include backpacks, gun cases, and flashlights.

6. Other Stuff

The website is versatile and covers an array of categories some of which we have not mentioned above.

We are talking about things like ammunition, watches, and military gifts.

Of course, you will also come across clearance sales and deals across the website and we are sure you will appreciate this.

Field Supply

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Shipping and Delivery

Most of the products on the Field Supply site ships from their headquarters which is in Pennsylvania. At that location, dedicated staff put their best foot forward when it comes to selecting and packaging orders.

That said; some of the stuff on the site ships directly from manufacturers or other vendors. 

The objective of the company is to provide accurate, reliable, and fast deliveries, and because of that, they strive to ship products from their warehouse within 24 hours which is often successful.

 However, offsite orders may take longer to ship so you may want to remember that as you shop.

Filed Supply Customer Support

Field Supply offers great hunting gear and that is all good but does it have great customer support? Because that can make all the difference!

Well, we think that they do a good job at that because they have a few channels through which you can reach out for complaints, returns, and queries.

According to the website, the best way to reach them is through live chat. The customer support team works tirelessly every Monday to Friday from 9 am to 7 pm.


You can choose to send an email to an address provided on the site as well. You will get a response, just not as fast as you would get on the live chat.

If you are old fashioned, you may choose to write them a letter and they promise to respond as well. If you ask us, we think that Field Supply’s customer service is good enough.

Final Thoughts

If you have already established that finding the right hunting gear is a struggle, we are sure that you are going to find this review insightful.

We love that you will find a selection of products under the same roof and that the products will be shipped within the shortest time possible.

The customer support is decent as well so our take here would be to give this site a try.