The world is an unpredictable place to be. And as a survivalist, you need to always be one step ahead of everyone else.

A well-made survival tent can be of great help especially when you need to provide your family with shelter at a moment’s notice.

Unfortunately, finding the ideal tent that would serve you well is not as easy as it should be. This is due to the many brands in the market, all of which have different specifications.

Disappointingly, some of them cannot deliver the top performance you’d crave for at the hour of need.

We understand that many individuals face this problem, and that is why we have decided to compile the top 10 best survival tents that you can find in the market. On top of that, we have provided you with a simple buying guide pointing out the factors that you need to consider as your search for your ideal product.

Here we go!

10 High-Quality Survival Tents in 2022

In this section, you shall find a selection of survival tents that we consider to be the best. We hope you find your ideal pick somewhere on the list to save time and energy in the end.

All the products come with brief descriptions and the benefits that they hold for you.

Product Name





MSR Elixer




Go Time Gear




Teton Sports


Big Agnes


Moon Lence


Don't Die In The Woods




1. Sergeant

To open our list is the Sergeant Emergency survival tent, which also happens to be our top budget-friendly option. Is it worth investing in? Let's see.

Features and Benefits

Made in the USA, this tent is made out of mylar material, a fabric designed to retain up to 90% of your body heat. This is a feature that you will find useful in extreme weather conditions, both hot and cold.

Additionally, the fabric is waterproof and mold-resistant, and this adds to its suitability as a survival shelter.

Another thing is that tent is very lightweight, and so you should not have any trouble when the deployment period comes.

We liked how easy the unit folds away while cleaning is a breeze. Lastly, the product has a 100% lifetime satisfaction guarantee.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Has a lifetime warranty
  • Lightweight kit


  • Not very durable

2. MSR Elixir

It is not easy to find a survival tent that offers the perfect combination of spaciousness and performance, such as the MSR Elixir 3-Person tent. Besides being a lightweight unit, there are several other benefits that we can pick from this product.

Features and Benefits

The first notable feature of this tent is that it is effortless to set up. All the color-coded poles, clips and webbings are all designed to fit very fast and effortlessly so that the entire process is a walk in the park.

Then, entry and exit into and out of this tent will be easy courtesy of the two large doors and two large vestibules. This also means that you get extra spacing for storing your bags and any other extra luggage you may have.

Let's also touch on the construction, which features durable nylon, polyester material with waterproof coatings so that your comfort in the tent would be guaranteed.

This is a very sizeable unit that can comfortably accommodate two grownups with their luggage.


  • Lightweight
  • Very spacious
  • Waterproof construction


  • Disappointing pole system

3. Winteria

If you want to take a solo hiking trip into the woods, this one-person tent by Winteria would be a valuable part of your kit. It is a 2-season tent whereby the ventilated roof mesh makes it perfect for the hot summer nights while the full coverage rainfly is ideal for the rainy season.  

And there’s more.

Features and Benefits

Let's start with the two-hoop design that makes the tent's assembly to be very easy. Within a few minutes, you should be done with the poles, which instantly snap together.

Besides being lightweight, this unit can be packed into the smallest size, which makes it perfect for backpacking.

Once it is set up, the large zippered door allows for easy entry into and exit out of the tent.


  • Lightweight
  • A two-season tent
  • Easy to set up


  • The bottom is a bit weak.

4. Go Time Gear

Go Time Gear is a well-known name in the world of survival tents, so it is little surprise that this 2-person model makes it to our list of top 10 awesome tents for survival. 

Check out our brief review below to know what this product is all about.

Features and Benefits

At around 8.7 ounces, this is one of the most lightweight all-season survival tents you may ever encounter.

Then, the dome construction of this unit that features 9mm poles and several pole crossing points makes this a sturdy tent. This design makes it excellent when it comes to snow-handling.

The system comprising an inner and outer tent makes it very easy to set up. We also liked the ample storage comprising of the inner tent area and the entryway area.


  • Lightweight
  • An all-season tent
  • Sufficient storage space


  • Not as durable

5.  BearHard

If you are looking to tag along with a friend to your backpacking trip in the mountains, this tent by "Don't Die In The Woods" would be a reasonable option. This product has bagged several awards as the best backpacking tent, and this should tell you of the fantastic quality it possesses. 

Here is what you get from the tent.

Features and Benefits

First, this tent packs down to 8.5oz, and this gives you an easy time packing up for your backpacking trip. Next is the removable rainfly, which is waterproof, and this makes it useful during the rainy season. 

You may like the mesh insect net under the wall that protects you from mosquitoes and other annoying bugs.

Another thing is the stargazing window on the rainfly that allows you to check out the stars without uncovering the rainfly.

Other notable aspects include the internal storage pockets, noiseless zipper pulls, a freestanding design and taped floor seams.


  • Has a mesh insect net
  • Stargazing window for watching the sky
  • Easily packable


  • Not very durable

6. Teton Sports Mountain

Do you have an upcoming family trip or outing? If you do, we recommend that you check out this backpacking dome tent by Tenton Sports, which can comfortably accommodate up to four individuals. 

We have done a brief review below.

Features and Benefits

For starters, this tent is a fully enclosed dome, and this protects against weather elements such as strong winds and rain. The setup is quite fast, which is one of the reasons it is highly rated as a survival tent.

The other feature is the freestanding design that allows you to set it up in your preferred position.

Additionally, this tent has an innovative cut-out design that allows for more air circulation, which boosts the tent's breathability.

For a 4-person tent, we found the 9.5lbs weight to be quite reasonable as it makes it easy to carry around.

Lastly, the tent has two doors for convenient entry and exit.


  • Well-made
  • Waterproof
  • Standalone design


  • Expensive

7. Big Agnes

We all like investing in products that would last for a reasonable period into the future. An excellent example of such an item is this backpacking tent by Big Agnes. This tent features a 4-way high volume design that boosts its strength plus increases its interior volume without adding too much weight.

Here are some of the product’s specifications.

Features and Benefits

With the proprietary double rip-stop nylon construction, it would be a while before you start thinking about getting a replacement survival tent.

We have nothing to complain about when it comes to the interior space and sleeping room. Additionally, the storage is sufficient, and you get to choose from two interior mesh pockets, an oversized mesh pocket and a large ceiling pocket.

Lastly, the product comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


  • Sturdy and durable
  • Transparent mesh for stargazing
  • Ample storage options


  • Flimsy zippers

8. Moon Lence

This is another family-grade option with a 4-person capacity that can comfortably accommodate your entire family. The combination of durability and lightweight is hard to find, and this, among other reasons, is why we believe this tent would be a worthy investment.

Let's check out its main features.

Features and Benefits

Let’s start with the construction whereby the 68D PU Polyester fabric is sturdy so that the tent stays intact and serves you for the longest time possible.

With a minimum weight of 9lbs, this is a reasonably lightweight unit that will give you an easy time in transporting it around. Besides that, you may like that the canopy has a no-see mesh for maximum privacy.

And when the time to leave arrives, the Velcro pockets and compression straps make things so easy for you.


  • Built to last
  • Lightweight
  • Spacious and comfortable interior


  • The floor is a bit thin.

9. Don’t Die in The Woods

As the name suggests, this tent is designed to ensure you make it out of the woods alive. It is a product that is suited for many outdoor activities, including hiking and camping, and our review will touch on its outstanding aspects.

Features and Benefits

This tent is made out of mylar material, which is sturdy plus is heat and moisture-resistant. The material reflects your body temperature, and this is a feature you will find useful in adverse conditions.

The package includes a mylar blanket just in case the cold conditions spiral out of control.

When it comes to the setup, the industrial-grade paracord makes everything easy as you can easily tie it between two trees.

Lastly, this lightweight unit comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Has a satisfaction guarantee
  • Built to last


  • The paracord is relatively weak

10. Coleman Red Canyon

To close down our list also happens to be the largest survival tent that we will review. It is spacious enough to accommodate up to eight individuals, and it has sufficient height to enable you to stand up inside.

Below are some of the specifications and benefits that this product has to offer.

Features and Benefits

Besides being spacious, this tent features the Coleman weather-tec system to protect you and your loved ones from the weather.

The other exciting bit is the airflow port that allows for free circulation of air within the tent while maintaining the insulation.

We also liked the creative room dividers that create several rooms to create some much-needed privacy when the entire crew has to sleep.

Lastly, the setup is easy, and you get a set of instructions to guide you through the process.


  • Very spacious
  • Instant setup
  • Has privacy walls


  • Poles are too tight on the tent

The Buying Guide for High-Quality Survival Tents

As you search for the ideal survival tent, there are several factors that you need to pay attention to. This will help you narrow down on the item that meets the standards you are looking for.

Here they are.

I) Capacity

It is crucial that you factor in the number of people that you intend to accommodate in your tent. Luckily for you, there are different models depending on the number of people they can host.

If you intend to go camping alone, there are one-person options for you while there are 4-person and above tents if you have a family to travel with.

II) Construction Quality

The next aspect to look at is the quality of the construction as it determines the effectiveness and duration which the tent would serve you. A well-built unit from high-quality materials can withstand the harshest conditions without giving in.

Look out for materials that are water-resistant and can withstand wear and tear to a certain degree.

III) The Weight

The tent's weight is usually an issue if you are going on a hike or trekking, which would require you to transport the unit by hand. For a one-person tent, a unit that does not exceed 3lbs would give you an easy transportation time.

As for a two-person tent, 6lbs should be the maximum weight.

IV) Ease of Setup

Imagine that you are at your camping site, and there is a sudden torrential downpour. What worse could happen than having a tent that seems to take all the time to set up?

In extreme situations, the amount of time needed to set up the tent could be the difference between survival and despair. So, for your safety and peace of mind, go for a unit that would need the least time to set it up.

V) Bonus Features

There are certain features that would add to the tent’s usefulness as a survival item. These include bells, whistles, a stargazer fly, vestibule, extra storage and so on.

The only thing you need to be sure of is that the extra features do not add too much weight to the tent.

FAQs on High-Quality Survival Tents

In this section, we shall attempt to answer some of the queries that we faced as we compiled the top 10 best survival tents. Hopefully, they shall help in boosting your knowledge of the topic.

What are the different types of survival tents out there?

A: The variety of survival tents that you can find include 4-season tents, backpacking tents, cold weather tents, dome tents, yurts and teepees.

What are some of the steps you can take to keep the survival tent in good condition?

A: Some of the things that would help maintain your tent include leaving shoes outside, drying the tent before storage, avoiding machine-washing and using a protective layer underneath.

How do I choose the best survival tent?

A: You can choose the best tent by paying attention to several factors, including the capacity, construction quality, weight, ease of setup and presence of bonus features. If you get these factors right, the chances are that you will end up with the perfect survival tent.

Final Thoughts

The product that we felt stood out from the rest is the Go Time Gear Emergency Survival Tent. It is an affordable option that is lightweight and built to last. On top of that, it comes with a lifetime warranty for your peace of mind.

We hope that our article helps you find the ideal survival tent that would make your outdoor excursion worthwhile. The items we have reviewed are some of the best in the market, and settling on any of them would be reasonable.

Lastly, be keen on the buying guide as it contains the main features that you need to look out for in a survival tent.