If you’re someone who loves the great outdoors, then you will already know the importance of having a good emergency survival kit. Accidents can happen time. However, even minor accidents can be dangerous when you’re outdoors, and help may be far away. In such cases, it is essential to carry a survival kit that has all the essential items necessary to get you through until the emergency passes. 

Although it is possible to make your own emergency survival kit, buying one will ensure that you get a complete package of all the essentials necessary. Not sure which one to buy? We’ve made a helpful guide you can use to select a survival kit that matches your needs perfectly.

Top Outdoor Emergency Survival Kits in 2022

Product Name



Ready America




Sustain Supply Co.




Emergency Zone


Rescue Guard






S.O.L Origin




1. Ready America’s 70280

Ready America’s 70280 Emergency Kit is one of the best emergency kits on the market. The company is known to produce superior quality survival equipment, so it doesn’t come as a big surprise that their survival kit is such a big hit.

The kit contains everything necessary to sustain two adults in extreme circumstances for up to 3 days. It is packed with all the basics such as emergency food, water, a complete 33-piece first aid kit as well as essential emergency supplies. 

The water and food packets are produced by Mayday. The food packets can withstand extreme temperatures, are cholesterol-free, and even coast guard approved. 


  • Is perfect for storage at home or in the office
  • Can be taken for outdoor trips
  • Contains a complete emergency first aid kit and a variety of emergency supplies as well


  • Does not have any special equipment for medically compromised individuals or pets
  • The water and food could have a higher shelf life


An incredibly impressive outdoor survival kit packed with 18 items that are vital for survival in the great outdoors. Although the kit doesn’t include food and water, it does have everything else you need to survive while you’re in the wild. 

Some of its more impressive items include a saw blade, pliers, wire strippers, wire cutters, file, can opener, a large knife bottle opener, a key buckle, and a screwdriver. All these items can be incredibly handy when you’re out for a hike or during camping. 

Other important items include a fire starter, whistle, compass, and even a flashlight. So, you can have adequate equipment even if you’re lost or stranded for a long while.


  • Numerous impressive and essential tools
  • Contains medical supplies 
  • Has fishing lines and hooks 


  • Some users had trouble with the flashlight
  • Some of the tools are smaller than expected by customers

3. Sustain Supply Co.

Sustain Supply Co. has one of the highest-rated survival kits available in the market. This kit comes in 2 sizes, for two or for four persons, and has all the necessary equipment to get you through the wilderness for 72 hours, at least, if not more. 

One of the items that really stand out in this survival kit is the mini water filtration system. This allows you to drink as much water as you like safely. However, if you’re not near a water body, then there are water pouches you could use as well. 

Other impressive features include snap lights, cords, and L.E.D. lantern, a companion knife, and a complete first aid kit in case of medical emergencies. 


  • Contains a mini portable water filtration system
  • All items come in a comfortable backpack
  • All the supplies are of superior quality


  • The first aid kit could include more items
  • Batteries and power bank are not included

4. Redfora

Another highly rated earthquake bag by the company Redfora. This kit is perfect in cases of emergencies and large disasters such as earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes. If this kit can get you through these, then rest assured it is adequately packed to help you get through any emergency. 

The kit has all the essentials you would need. These include food, water, sanitation kits, hygiene kits, tools, off the grid communication and light tools, and even things to help you keep warm and safe. 

The kit also includes things such as sleeping bags, tents, body warmers, sewing kits, safety goggles, and even leather palm gloves. 


  • Includes large items such as tents and sleeping bag
  • Food shelf life is for up to 5 years
  • Complete and trustworthy in terms of quality


  • Some customers reported that their water packets were dripping
  • Expensive

5. Emergency Zone

A thoughtfully designed kit that could help you get through 72 hours in case of an emergency. All of its essentials are packed in an easy to carry, lightweight, and compact, heavy-duty backpack. 

This survival kit contains coast guard approved, calorie-dense food packs with a 5-year shelf life, as well as water packs. Apart from this, Emergency Zone’s survival kit has numerous essential items that will keep you going for three days no matter where you’re stranded. 

These include items such as an emergency tent as well as a nifty multi-use pocket tool.  The survival kit also includes an emergency guidebook to ensure you know how to deal with any situation effectively. 


  • Informative emergency guidebook
  • Contains a water purification system as well
  • Bag contains extra storage space for more items as well


  • Some customers were not satisfied with the quality of all the items
  • The flashlight could be smaller and more powerful

6. Rescue Guard

This unique emergency survival backpack was curated and designed by survival experts themselves. In fact, this emergency backpack has earned raving reviews from numerous trusted publications such as Huffington Post and TIME. 

The Seventy2 Survival system has all the tools and essentials necessary for you to make it through 72 hours or more of an emergency situation. But what truly sets this backpack apart is the various comprehensive survival guides it includes in addition to its high-quality supplies. 

The backpack has some incredibly impressive features, such as a 600-Denier Tarpaulin external shell. However, its contents are equally remarkable and feature a Mylar Thermal tent, a Sawyer Water Filtration system, freeze-dried food with a seven-year-long shelf life, and much more!


  • Comprehensive survival guides
  • Complete backpack with essentials
  • Reflective logo for high visibility


  • Some customers were not satisfied with the radio
  • The bag may not be comfortable for everyone to wear

7. GetReadyNow

This simple survival kit is designed to be stored away easily in your car or in a large backpack. It contains everything you will need in an emergency situation to keep yourself dry, warm, and comfortable. 

The Deluxe emergency survival kit comes in a clear, waterproof, heavy-duty bag that will allow easy accessibility to your supplies while also protecting them from the elements. Due to the compact size of this kit, it can easily be stowed away under the car seat. 

GetReadyNow's emergency survival kit contains a variety of different survival essentials. These include L.E.D. headlamps with batteries, L.E.D. glow sticks, ponchos, Mylar blankets, a 48-piece medical first aid kit, and separate high-calorie food bars and water pouches.


  • Compact 
  • Extra batteries
  • Plenty of water and food


  • Some customers complained of the water pouches opening and soaking the equipment
  • Difficult to carry

8. Gerber

Gerber is generally quite well known for producing high-quality equipment. However, their latest collaboration with the famous survival expert Bear Grylls has resulted in the invention of one of the best survival kits on the market. 

This survival kit is compact enough to easily fit into your backpack and contains all the essential tools you would need to survive in the wilderness. Some of the basic tools included in the kit are a handy Firestarter, a multi-use tool, and even a fishing kit.

However, although the kit is quite small, it still includes some extra features as well, such as a compass, a signaling mirror, a rope, an emergency blanket, waterproof matches, and even a comprehensive survival guide.


  • Compact
  • Designed by leading survival expert Bear Grylls
  • Contains all the essential elements while still being lightweight


  • The first aid supplies need to be somewhat supplemented 
  • Expensive 

9. S.O.L. Origin

S.O.L. survival tool kit will ensure that you are adequately equipped to survive the great outdoors. This kit contains a large variety of essential items that can help you withstand and navigate through the harshest of conditions. 

The kit is lightweight and comes in a waterproof A.B.S. plastic case. I.T. includes some of the best Tinder-Quick firestarters, and emergency fishing kit, a sewing kit, and even a 150-pound nylon braided cord. 

Other essential items include a military-grade S.S. wire, a liquid-filled button compass, a lock-blade folding knife, and even a flash signal rescue mirror. The kit is easy to carry and easy to store due to its compact size.


  • Compact
  • Durable
  • Lightweight


  • Could use a few more essential items
  • Customers had trouble with the firestarter


You know the old "Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime"? That's the motto that EMDMAK has followed with its survival outdoor emergency kit. 

This survival kit has everything you could need to help you survive in the wilderness for a long time. Packed with essentials to help you stay safe and comfortable for a long period of time. 

Some of its brilliant items include a fire starter, a compass, a wire cutting tool, a position wrench, a can opener, a screwdriver, and even an emergency blanket. All of this comes in a compact waterproof zipper case that is lightweight and easy to carry.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Has all the necessities for outdoor survival
  • Waterproof zipper case


  • Tools can be a bit stiff at times
  • The steel card multi-tool is too small to be used effectively as a wench

Final Thoughts

There are numerous different survival kits on the market currently, and each is good in its own right. Some focus on being more compact, while others look for a higher number of features. If, however, you had to choose one, then the Rescue Guard Emergency Survival Backpack is an excellent choice. It has all the necessary equipment to help you survive in an emergency condition, all packed in a lightweight bag.