If you are an adventurer, survival bracelets are indispensable little pieces of equipment for any escapades and excursions into the wilderness.

Versatile and featherlight in weight, survival bracelets are fundamental tools for survival. Designed with practical materials and tools, in particular, paracord is useful in a multitude of survival scenarios. 

Many survival bracelets are also equipped with compasses and fire starters to navigate your way or make a shelter. What's more, is that paracord is developed from lightweight nylon that is pretty durable, and its actually even been used for parachute cords. Hence the name, "paracord" and it can be a great addition to make life in the outdoors slightly easier. 

What’s great is that you wear it on your wrist, and you are set for any trek into the wild.

So, how do you choose the best one for yourself with so many noteworthy options available? We've looked at survival bracelets, including reviews, to give you an indication of what others' experiences were. 

Keep reading, and you may find the perfect fit for your next adventure!

Top Survival Paracords in 2022

Product Name



A2S Protection


X-Plore Gear


Gecko Equipment




The Friendly Swede


Atomic Bear




Nexfinity One






1. A2S Protection

Not too hefty on the pocket, this survival bracelet offers both durability and versatility. The bracelet also comes with a useful leaflet which provides great advice for survival.

Capable of saving your life, it is a 5-in-1 tool which includes a scraper doubling as a knife, a superb compass, a flint fire starter, and whistle.  

It has an adjustable size and offers 4 fixed sizes as well, making it a great survival bracelet for men, women, and teens alike who enjoy spending time in nature. Offering more than just style, the survival bracelet is equipped with a fire starter that is suitable for different weather conditions providing you with heat to keep comfortable. 


The bracelet is fabricated with military-grade paracord tested to withstand up to 550 lbs. in weight. 


  • Premium military-grade paracord
  • It is equipped with a knife, a fire starter, a compass, and a whistle
  • The firestarter is suitable for any weather conditions
  • The paracord has undergone extensive testing to withstand 550 lbs
  • Functional when building a shelter, catching fish, or creating a trap


  • Latching the clip is a bit tough

2. X-Plore Gear

The X-Plore Gear survival bracelet is a cost-effective option that does not compromise on the quality. The survival bracelet features a fire scraper, flint fire starter, compass, and whistle.

This survival bracelet is available in a pack of 2 and also boasts a variety of sizes and colors. You don’t need to be concerned about the survival bracelet unraveling or snapping because the paracord is quite robust and great for use in different circumstances.

Some users reported issues regarding the size of the bracelet in that it did not fit quite comfortably as anticipated. If you do opt for the X-Plore Emergency Bracelet, be sure to look up some of the reviews so you can establish the correct size for you.

The compass quality was also questioned for consistency, and some users reported the size of the fire starter to be too small and possibly ineffective for use.  


  • Cost-effective
  • Available in a variety of colors and sizes
  • Fabricated with a stylish design
  • Functional and multipurpose features included
  • Fire scraper, flint fire starter, compass, and whistle all included


  • A few users reported that the size of the bracelet ordered may not fit as expected. The preciseness of sizing is questionable
  • Compass quality may be inadequate 
  • Firestarter may be unreliable

3. Gecko Equipment

With more paracord up on offer in this survival bracelet, this may very well be the one for you. Your chances of survival are increased with this bracelet, offering you up to 10 various ways to save yourself in an emergency. 

Building shelters are easy, and fishing is possible with the 7 inner strands of paracord, making this survival bracelet an excellent choice. 

More than 60 feet of length is covered with this rope, and that is a huge amount considering the streamline and convenient fit. This robust rope also withstands up to 350 lbs in weight. 

This survival bracelet is also a comfortable fit with an adjustable shackle. But some users have reported the clasp is a bit hard to use, and it does not offer the greatest quality.


  • Different functions are possible with 7 inner strands of rope, like fishing lines and erecting shelters
  • Paracord amounts to more than 60 feet in length and still offers a comfortable wrist fit
  • Withstands 350 lbs in weight


  • A knife and fire starter are excluded
  • Designed with a challenging clasp mechanism

4. Titan

Titan’s survival bracelet offers about 11 feet of patented SurvivorCord for your outdoor escapades. The patented SurvivorCord is an enhanced model of paracord not offered by any other brand due to the patent.

Three additional types of thread are available within the core of the cord. It includes a fishing line as well as a utility wire that can be used for the conduction of electricity, creating traps, tripwires, and more. The thread also includes a waxed jute for getting a fire going.

Only the use of the best materials and special attention during the construction of these survival bracelets make them worth every extra penny. The SurvivorCord is genuinely worth the spend because you are guaranteed a supreme survival bracelet with ultra-durability.

A lifetime guarantee also forms part of your purchase, so if you are not entirely satisfied, you are refunded without a fuss. Titan is also an American veteran-owned company.


  • Fabricated with patented ultra-durable SurvivorCord
  • Plenty of length with an 11-foot cord
  • Outstanding versatility with the fishing line, waxed jute, and utility wire
  • Lifetime guarantee included with the hassle-free refund


  • Additional features like a compass and fire starter are not included
  • Cost moderately exceeds other brands

5. The Friendly Swede

Designed for use when the pressure escalates, this incredibly strong survival bracelet is fabricated by popular survival gear manufacturers, The Friendly Swede. 

This survival bracelet exhibits remarkable performance during emergencies as it offers multi-purpose use and withstands up to 550 lbs. of weight.

The paracord is created with polyester as opposed to 100% high-quality nylon. It still offers a strong and sturdy design, though, and is built to last for an extended time even when exposed to rainy or wet weather.

The cord is incredibly strong, but the additional gadgets are not included as part of the survival bracelet. 


  • Fabricated to endure intense circumstances
  • Built to withstand 550 lbs
  • Size is adjustable to your wrist
  • Three different sizes are available


  • Additional gadgets are not included
  • The bolt pin posed difficulty for some users when trying to secure the bracelet

6. Atomic Bear

This bracelet is an excellent choice, being that it bears a one-size-fits-all design, and you can adjust it to fit any wrist.

Some users reported some issues with sizes being off on other survival bracelets available on the market. With Atomic Bear, there will be no need for concern because it fits any wrist comfortably, which makes this bracelet a good choice.

Atomic Bear is excellent if you're looking to get a great all-round bracelet with right cord length and a robust, long-lasting design.


  • Adjustable sizing to fit any wrist (one-size fits all)
  • Firestarter, compass, knife, whistle, and the cord itself is included
  • Available in a pack of two


  • Some users indicated that the fire starter and compass seem inconsistent
  • Available in only black or orange/black hybrid color hybrid

7. LeMotech

A great addition to any man or woman’s survival gear, the LeMotech Bracelet acts as a multi-purpose tool and features a robust rock-climbing rope.

It also includes a self-defense whistle, magnesium fire starter, and a compass that secures the buckle in place.

The paracord reaches a length of 10 feet exceeding other choices of survival bracelets available on the market. The bracelet will fit anyone with bigger wrists. This paracord is able to withstand the weight of up to 550 lbs., allowing your paracord to always be ready for use.

The compass is firmly placed and affixed to the buckle. The fire starter works excellently in all types of weather conditions. You just have to use the scraper and scrape off some of the black coatings until you have magnesium shards. 

The magnesium shards can be added to some dry leaves, and then you can proceed to use the striker to start a fire.


  • Paracord reaches 10 feet in length
  • The compass is affixed to the buckle
  • The firestarter combo is dependable
  • Perfectly suited to larger wrists


  • A knife is not included
  • Only available in few colors

8. Nexfinity One

This brilliant 21-in-1 survival bracelet includes heavy-duty paracord at a length of 10.5 feet to suit your survival needs. The kit consists of your safety whistle, scraper doubling as a knife, flint starter, and compass.

The bracelet offers a fire when you need it for cooking or for remaining comfortable and warm. The compass is also waterproof so you can enjoy rainy day camping or river hiking without getting lost. 

Wearing the bracelet or attaching it to your bag will help you when you are trying to find your way. It is also simple to either attach to your wrist to wear or remove. 

The bracelet is available in 7 colors with an adjustable band, so you have an excellent variety, and you can select the size that suits you most.

The paracord comes handy when you need to build a shelter and if you ever need to replace your boot’s laces. Even the fire starter makes this bracelet great because it is equipped for both rainy and windy days. 


  • Harsh survival missions are easy with the robust paracord bracelet
  • Paracord is available in 10.5 feet of length and is useful when setting up traps, building shelter, and making a tourniquet during emergencies
  • Compass is waterproof, so make use possible in wet conditions


  • A huge contrast exists between the sizes available


Features a 500 lbs—tensile power with a unique knife design available in different colors for your careful selection.

A brilliant survival paracord bracelet designed with quite a sizeable knife. The feel of the knife is like having a real knife, whereas other multi-purpose bracelets are equipped with very small scrapers that work as knives too.

This unique design is not manufactured by an American company, and it's not the greatest bracelet, but we think it works excellently.


  • One-of-a-kind design
  • Available in different colors
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • Few users reported that the knife is a bit tough to free up
  • Only available in one size
  • The strength is lower than most paracord at 500lbs

10. Epartswide

Equipped with 5-in-1 features, this paracord bracelet is able to save your life in dire situations. With its safety whistle to warn other individuals, flint fire starter, fire scraper doubling as a knife, and a fantastic quality compass, you are all set to go on your adventure!

The fire starter is capable of working during wet conditions. The zig-zag knife design is removable and allows you to effortlessly cut through tough ropes for great convenience. You also don’t ever need to remove your paracord bracelet as it doesn’t rust, so you can shower and swim freely without any concerns.

The buckle is secured using the compass. The bracelet can withstand a maximum weight of 550 lbs even though it is incredibly lightweight. You can create shelters, or you can trap or tie equipment. The possibilities are endless.


  • The compass secures the buckle
  • Firestarter is able to ignite a fire even when we have wet weather
  • A rust-resistant, removable knife is included with this purchase


  • Your compass will start frantically moving around if you don’t hold it perfectly still

Final Thoughts

With so many great products to select from, you are truly spoilt for choice with all the great features each one has to offer.

Determine what you require and the nature of your activities, and then you can opt for a great survival bracelet to suit all your needs.

We recommend getting the Titan Survival Bracelet, simply because it is fabricated with the highest quality materials, patented SurvivorCord making it ultra-durable and multi-purpose.