Any knife-lover will know how many amazing knives are available in today's market; I myself am extremely fond of knives and regularly browse through retailers and collector’s sets in search of my next knife bargain.

While there are many fantastic knives out there, one of those which has gained remarkable popularity recently is the folding survival knife, and it’s no secret why; this knife type is excellent for people who’d like to carry a concealed knife which takes up very little space. 

Survival knives make for excellent companions in the wilderness; they can help you with your food, cut through many materials to create makeshift gear, serve as a means of self-defense, and are remarkably convenient to carry around.

I love folding survival knives and would recommend one to anyone with a knack for adventure; these knives make for great investments and reap an impressive reward. 

Are you ready to learn more about folding survival knives? You're in luck! To help you purchase your very first or next folding survival knife, I have compiled a helpful list of some of my favorite knives for you to choose from:

Top Foldable Knives For Survival in 2021

Product Name



Gerber Bear Grylls




Bahco 396-Lap


Grand Way






Buck Knives








1. Gerber Bear Grylls

This knife is a Gerber product, which means that it’s bound to be brilliant; Gerber has been making knives since 1939, and really knows its way around the manufacturing process, hence making every knife this company puts out a true masterpiece. 

What's more, is that this folding sheath knife is branded under master survivor Bear Gryll’s name; if you’ve seen Man. Vs. Wild, you’ll know what I’m talking about!

This knife has a serrated edge, making it great at cutting through tough materials, and manages to get a remarkable grasp onto more slippery materials, like processed wood. The blade is fashioned from high carbon stainless steel and has a drop point blade.


  • Serrated edge
  • Dual-sided thumb stud
  • Made by Gerber, which is an age-old, well-reputed brand


  • Contains a textured rubber handle, which some people may find unprofessional
  • Due to technical design, this knife may be difficult to flip open using one hand only

2. RoverTac Pocket Knife

This knife by RiverTac does more than just contain a single folding out blade; it also contains a set of 9 mini screwdrivers. In addition to this, It flaunts needle-nose pliers, regular pliers, a wire cutter, a can opener, and a bottle opener.

This device is strong and reliable and is not prone to breaking thanks to its full stainless-steel body with a stunning black oxidation coat that makes it look great and also feel stronger.

This knife comes with a serrated blade that is insanely sharp; it is ideal for hunting, fishing, camping, and other outdoor adventure activities, and can also be used for various purposes and carpentry within the household, too. 


  • Contains 9 mini screwdrivers
  • Full stainless-steel body to prevent rusting or damage, especially in the wilderness or through water exposure
  • Safeguard locking mechanism 


  • The pliers are small, which means that they will not be useful for larger projects and can only handle extremely downsized ones
  • The knife’s screwdriver set is also very small, and may not work on larger projects

3. Bahco 396-Lap

This folding saw has a razor-sharp blade that is serrated, too, hence allowing it to cut through even the toughest of materials. The blade’s serrated self is coated for special protection against rust and water and contains XT toothing at 7 TPI. 

There is no fabric on this device’s handle, unlike some knives, which means that your grip on it will be steady and firm. The handle is made from plastic, instead. It also has a leather strap.

The knife's design is complete with a safety lock for both lock-in and lock-out, which is not something we see in most knives, which instead sport only one type of locking system.


  • Dual lock system
  • Serrated blade with XT toothing
  • 7.5-inch blade


  • The blade may be longer than some people’s preference
  • Cannot cut through cloth

4. Grand Way

This matte black folding knife is an excellent device to have on you all of the time; it features a stainless-steel blade and aluminum handle. The blade is guaranteed rust-proof, thanks to its material, making it a great option for outdoor activities.

This is a one-hand knife, meaning it is small and handy and can be easily flicked open using just one hand. It offers a fast and handy flip function to help serve this purpose.

This knife weighs only 4.40oz, which is decent for a folding survival knife and lightweight enough to carry around conveniently without any trouble.


  • Lightweight
  • Rust-proof
  • Single-handed opening


  • Large blade (3.75 inches) 
  • Those without practice cannot flip the knife open easily

5. CRKT M16-14SFG

This knife has sharp veff serration, and a dual hilt blade guard alongside G10 handles. It is a professional-grade knife complete with an automated liner safety feature to make sure there are no accidents involved when using this knife.

The knife folds in and out smoothly and is also rust-proof thanks to its stainless-steel body. Its folding function is controlled by a small red buttoned safety lever, making it a remarkably safe tool.

This device’s serration is remarkable; the veff serrations are great for gripping onto any kind of material thanks to their light friction grooves, making this an extremely handy tool.


  • Veff serrations
  • Adult hilt blade guard
  • G10 handles


  • Significantly large crossguard
  • Serrations may damage easily

6. KUBEY KB246

A beautiful, light grey knife containing a Tanto point blade made from Bohler M390 steel that was fashioned from proper heat treatment and impressive flat grinding; this knife’s blade will not disappoint. It has a razor-sharp blade that can cut through most materials, including wood.

This knife has titanium allow handle, which helps provide a smooth grip; the overall fashion is ergonomic, and the knife has impressive corrosion resistance thanks to its CNC milling.

Its frame lock mechanism is dirt resistant, and will not get stuck, hence preventing accidental openings or sudden closure. The knife has a ceramic ball bearing system to help with this.


  • Great safety precautions
  • Ceramic ball bearing system for opening/closing knife
  • Made from Bohler M390 steel


  • Metal handle; may cause slips if not careful
  • Blade not serrated

7. Buck Knives

This folding knife by Buck Knives contains a high-grade stainless-steel blade without serrations. Its handle is impressive; fashioned from ox horn, the handle has an authentic feel and offers a firm grip.

The blade is longer than most flip knives but is great for cutting through various materials.  It is made from stainless steel with high carbon content and is extremely durable and strong.

This knife comes with a free e-book on how to sharper your knife’s blade. It makes for a great gift, too, because of its smart appearance and ox horn handle.


  • Sharp blade
  • Stylish and authentic ox horn handle
  • Rust-proof


  • Non-serrated blade
  • Longer than average blade length


The Smith & Wesson folding knife is a pocket-sized tool that can easily be carried around in your back pocket. It is large enough, though, to be used on hunting trips and camping activities. 

The blade’s length is 3.3 inches, which is slightly larger than the average pocket knife, but small enough to be considered pocket-size. It is extremely sharp and versatile, not to mention rust-proof, meaning it can be used freely in highly humid areas too, or even in direct contact with water.

The device has a liner lock that makes it safe to use, and a ball bearing pivot that helps it open up easily with minimal force, but also not so easily that it opens up by accident.


  • Remarkably sharp blade
  • Rust-proof
  • Pocket-sized


  • Large handle (5 inches)
  • Irregular, “square-shaped” blade, but includes a pointed tip

9. Steinbrucke

This knife has a stylish all-black body; everything from the blade to the screws and the handle is a stunning matte black. The device itself is easy to use and opens and closes smoothly. Its anodized aluminum handle has a trac-tec grip and has a sturdy body with a convenient grip.

This device can be easily opened and closed thanks to its one-hand open and close system. It also has a locking liner to help hold the knife’s blade in place, hence preventing it from slipping and causing an accident.


  • Blade made of German stainless steel
  • Dungsten DLC coating on the blade
  • Easy-grip trac-tec handle


  • Edge is not fully serrated
  • All black blade makes it difficult to see in low light conditions

10. TAC-606W (Engraved)

This device is unique because you can request the manufacturer to engrave your name (and an optional date) onto it. The name is carved, and not printed. While this does not add to the tactical value of the knife, it does help make it more special and adds sentimental value.

In terms of practicality, this knife does an excellent job. It has a rust-proof stainless-steel blade that can cut through most materials, including wood and fabric. It also has a spring assist design that helps with folding.

This knife’s ergonomic design is what makes it so popular; it is convenient and easy to use for all.


  • Contains knife cover
  • Razor-sharp edge
  • 3.5 inch ideally sized blade


  • Some people may not prefer their name engraved
  • Wooden handle

Final Thoughts

There are many excellent knives on the market, but my personal favorite is the Gerber Bear Grylls because of many reasons. The knives’ light grey color makes it easy to see in low light conditions. Its stainless steel blade is sturdy and rustproof, and its textured rubber grip allows you to handle it with an ergonomic grip. It is certainly worth checking out again and makes for a great investment.

The ideal folding knife will be sharp and practical, which this product offers. With the right knife by your side, there’s nothing you can’t conquer on your next camping trip or home DIY project!