Bug Out Bags, alternatively known as BOBs, is an absolutely essential item everyone should have. If you haven't stocked up on one yet, I'd recommend you find a good one and buy it ASAP.

But what's the deal with bug out bags, and what makes them so popular? Well, for starters, they’re the first thing you’re going to want to grab in a time of crisis. This is because a bug out bag contains everything you’ll need to survive on your own for the next three days.

A crisis can be anything from a natural disaster to a terrorist attack. Whatever the case may be, you should always have a safety kit all prepped and ready, just waiting to be picked up and run out with as soon as you need it.

A bug out bag should be light in weight, making it easily carriable. Nobody is going to help you with your BOB, even if they want to, owing to the crisis situation. So, your first priority should be to find a lightweight bag.

Secondly, your bug out bag should be durable and preferably water-resistant. It should also be large enough to let you carry all that you’ll need for the next three days.

Finding the right bug out bag isn’t everyone’s forte, but I can help you with that. I’ve compiled a list of my top 10 favorite bugs out bags below; you should check it out right now!

Top Bug Out Backpacks For Survival in 2021

Product Name



5.11 RUSH72


Rescue Guard


Eberlestock Skycrane II






Direct Action


Maxpedition Vulture-II


Sustain Supply Co.


First My Family




1. 5.11 RUSH72

This military-style backpack is a fully versatile bug out bag and does its job for a variety of operations. Besides being a military-grade survival bag, you can also use it for hunting, camping, traveling, and other outdoor activities.

It has a storage area of 3342 cubic inches, which can store your three days' essential supplies. The 1000 D Nylon is also rugged so you can take it wherever you need to, without fearing any damage.

Its foam shoulder and cinching waist straps support your weight quite well. The water-resistant rugged construction makes it safe for heavy-duty usage.


  • Large storage capacity
  • Water-resistant
  • Bag does not absorb excessive heat, helps keep inside cool


  • 10cm wide shoulder strap may cause irritation
  • Zippers camouflage with the bag, making them difficult to spot at first glance

2. Rescue Guard

For emergency incidents, such as earthquakes, fires, floods, and hurricanes, this Rescue Guard Bug Out Bag has got your back. It covers everything from hydration to food to first aid supplies to basic survival tools.

This 95-piece bug out bag lasts almost twelve weeks for a single person and nearly a week for two people. For a family of four, the supplies can last for up to three days. This bag consists of emergency masks, gloves, scissors, whistle, flashlight, tools, etc. It has three advancement levels according to your needs.

We also appreciate that it is portable and well equipped for survival in the toughest conditions.


  • Contains deluxe first aid kit
  • Easy to spot red color
  • Set includes everything you need, including food


  • The red color is easy to spot, which may be a negative factor in some crisis situations
  • Expensive

3. Eberlestock Skycrane II

J79 Skycrane II is one of the most heavy-duty bags on this list. It comes with seven different organizational compartments that can store weapons, medical equipment, tools, tent, food, water, etc.

The ultra-strong military-grade bug outback has a total space of more than 8,000 cubic inches, which is smartly utilized. It can handle even the most challenging survival circumstances and has all imaginable survival gear.

Moreover, it is really easy to use. The military-grade, bomb-proof nylon construction with a robust internal plastic-aluminum frame is also quite impressive.


  • Extremely durable build
  • 7 organizational compartments for easy storage
  • Massive 8000 cubic inches storage space


  • No single compartment is large enough for a heavy item
  • Some compartments may be too small

4. Everlit Emergency Survival Trauma Kit

If you're looking for a bug out bag that can handle emergency situations specifically, then this one's a must-have. This bag comes with 24 packs of purified water and two 3600 calorie bars to last you for up to 3 days. The bag has a special 3-in-1 flashlight, which includes a radio and charger as well.

A fire starter, roll-out tent and blanket, paracord, wire saw, etc. gear you up for facing tough times. It's also pretty compact and lightweight for an average user. It comes with a diverse range of emergency and survival gear.


  • Contains gear for severe bleeding
  • Good for hemorrhage and circulatory care
  • 60-day hassle-free product return support


  • Slightly bulky bag
  • Durable but cheap-looking exterior

5. Condor 3 Day Assault Pack

For heavy-duty mountaineering, you can't go wrong with an assault pack like this one. The Condor 3 Day bug out bag covers an exceptional range of survival gear, that too, with an affordable price tag.

It can store all utilities, clothes, survival gear, tools, and weapons in its 3000+ cubic inch space. The heavy-duty construction is perfect for military-grade usage and has 2x 3 liters hydration bladder capacity.

It also has integrated D rings, straps, and latches for weight support and comfort. The padding is also soft, with sufficient airflow.


  • Two hydration bladder sections
  • Large cargo capacity
  • Supportive sternum and waist packs


  • The zipper may be troublesome
  • External stitching may fray

6. Direct Action Dragon Egg Tactical Backpack

This tactical bug out bag is made of imported Cordura 500D and is one of the best in terms of quality. The 25-liter storage capacity can carry all your essentials safely wherever you go. It is your best companion for swimming, camping, hiking, and other survival operations.

It's a smaller, lighter version of the regular military level bug out bags and is suitable for beginners, too. The design is pretty expansive and can hold all your basic necessities. It is a rugged design to avoid nighttime detection. It's also a lot more compact than full-sized bags.


  • Lightweight
  • Smart design with multiple components
  • Imported Cordura 500D material


  • Expensive 
  • Average quality build

7. Maxpedition Vulture-II

If you want a bug out bag that's travel friendly and perfect for a hike, you'd like this option. The Maxpedition Vulture II Backpack is perfect for family trips as well as solo traveling. It has a handy, compact design with adjustable waist, sternum, shoulder, and chest straps.

The 2100 cubic inch volume is divided into three compartments in which you can store your survival gear. The hydration pocket is also quite large and enough for three days of use. It is completely lightweight and easy to carry. This bug out bag is also CCW compatible.


  • Extremely durable design and build
  • Concealed carry pocket
  • Comes with a water bladder


  • Not waterproof, only water-resistant
  • Stiff material, but will become softer and more comfortable with time

8. Sustain Supply Co.

Another ever-ready bug out bag is this Sustain Supply Emergency Kit. It had been designed to carry out all the most essential survival practices. From cooking food to bathing to first aid treatment, this product has literally everything you need!

You can select from the 2-4 person supplies options depending on how much survival gear you'll need. These categories include essential supplies for two, comfort supplies for two, and comfort supplies for four people for 72 hours.

Aside from the amole supplies included, the bag’s design is also pretty awesome. Its space and quality make it really reliable for rugged and rough outdoor use. 


  • Contains enough supplies for two people and three days thanks to its large capacity
  • Made in the USA
  • Reliable and durable build


  • Average first aid kit
  • Expensive

9. First My Family

Saving a family from disastrous effects is a serious responsibility, which can be stressful. You may have young kids to feed, ill ones to look after, and elderly people to support. With a Kit from First My Family, you're always prepared to the T for all sorts of evacuation and survival times.

It consists of a complete survival kit, including shelter gear such has ponchos, flashlights, food/hydration necessities, and medical aid. It's also capable of handling rough use and has a lightweight design that doesn't weigh you down in any way.


  • Durable design
  • Good cargo capacity
  • Contains all basic items needed in an emergency


  • Extremely basic supply content
  • May require content additions


This tactical backpack from CVLIFE gives a tough competition to all other bug out bags. It comes with one main tactical bag and three detachable molle pouches. The military-grade durable construction can bear any impact and carries all your supplies for an emergency getaway.

The 600D Oxford fabric material is styled to offer around 50 – 60 liters of space. You can store food, water, shelter supplies, tools, weapons, medical equipment, camera gear, clothes, etc. for every expedition. The airflow in mesh padding straps is also commendable.

Overall, the bag supports itself while supporting you, too.


  • Water-resistant material
  • Spacious
  • Military-grade backpack


  • Shoulder straps may not always adjust properly
  • Noisy zippers

Final Thoughts

There is no limit to the amount of bug out bags you can find on the market, but which ones are really worth buying? The ones above are my personal picks, and I hope you’ll consider them all.

My personal favorite is the Maxpedition Vulture II Backpack; it contains everything you need for a quick escape in the midst of a crisis. The bag is lightweight and sturdy; it doesn’t get much better than this!

The bag also has important things like a first aid kit and basic food rations. The manufacturer hasn’t compromised on quality anywhere, and it shows. My money’s on this product!

Remember, a bug out bag should be easy to carry. A heavy bag will be difficult to lift and carry with you as you run from the crisis zone. It should also be made from a sturdy material, like 600 or 1000D oxford or nylon. 

A fully waterproof bag is the best option, but a water-resistant one should be fine, too. Not many bags on the market are entirely waterproof, and you won't need one in most cases. Still, it's better to have one if you can find it, but if not, that's okay, too.

In addition to this, the bag should be large enough to carry all your basic supplies and some other things you may want to carry for your own pleasure (such as a book)! If you're adding things to the basic survival kit, make sure not to overstuff it, or it'll become too heavy to carry!

A basic supply kit should have the following inside of it:

  • First aid kit
  • Torch
  • Batteries as backup
  • Wipes
  • Survival knife
  • Whistles
  • Dry food bars or easy rations
  • Reusable blankets
  • Water bottle with large capacity

The first aid should have necessary supplies, like painkillers, alcohol swabs, scissors, bandages, and fever medicine. Disinfectants and hand sanitizer will also be helpful but are secondary.

A knife is uncompromisable; every survival kit should have one. A Swiss knife is even better. Scissors and whistles are also ideal. Whistles can help you find your apocalypse partner in case you two split, and can also let you call for help instead of shouting (like in the Titanic film).

In conclusion, it's important to have a survival kit with you, so go right ahead and pick a bug out bag from the list above. They're all great products and should last you well in a time of crisis, but let's hope we never have to use them at all!