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BattlBox is a monthly subscription for hand-picked outdoor, survival, EDC, and other cool gear.

Have you ever been caught unprepared in a crisis? If yes, then you know that most of us are generally not prepared for emergencies. Only a small number of people have the skills and gear to manage whatever life throws at them.

Luckily, programs like the BattlBox exist. This is a relatively popular subscription service that offers a variety of survival, camping, EDC, and other outdoor gear.

The program is designed to help subscribers be prepared always for when life takes unexpected turns. This way, you’d have what it takes to make it out of every crisis unscathed and keep your loved ones safe.

However, like with every service out there, you can bet there are similar programs like this one. So, what makes this company unique or a better option? Here is our unbiased BattlBox review.

Overview: What Is BattlBox?

Simply put, it’s a monthly subscription service that provides preppers, outdoorsmen, and survivalists with a variety of survival gear. You can use their products in your everyday life or simply add them to your emergency stash for the day you’ll really need them.

Once you subscribe to the service, you’ll receive a box full of items like outdoor gear, manuals, first aid supplies, and survival tools. According to the service, all of the items are hand-selected as well as field-tested by their team of survival and gear experts. This ensures you’re well equipped for every situation.

But here is the best part; besides the box full of tools, you will also receive a mission card. This card offers a detailed overview of all the items plus their intended use and main features. However, the products usually vary and sometimes even focus on specific types of skills.  

However, what really sets this company apart from the competition is the fact that they assign “missions” to each box. On top of that, the items are chosen carefully to ensure they make sense for that particular theme.

For instance, some of the past missions have included Urban Survival, Self-Defense, Jungle Survival, and Outdoor Weather protection.

More so, the company prides itself on shipping the actual full-size products that you can carry and use- not samples. And depending on your needs and budget, you can choose between four packages including basic, advanced, pro, and pro plus.

How it Works

This is a straightforward program that works in only three simple steps. These include:

Step 1: The first thing to do to sign up so you have an account with BattlBox. Next up, select a box and pick your preferred package. The boxes are available in Basic, Advanced, Pro, and Pro Plus monthly subscription packages.

Step 2: You will start receiving your boxes every month once their billing and shipping cycle begins. However, you can always cancel or even change your subscription at any time you feel like.

Step 3: Start using the gear included in your box in your everyday life. You may also keep it safe in your emergency kit for the day you might really need it.

Subscription Plans

Like we have already mentioned, this service comes in four packages to choose from. And each plan comprises different products for the beginner to the professional outdoorsman. They include:

1. Basic Plan

This plan is for those who are just starting out. It comprises hand-selected products including emergency supplies, manuals, survival tools, and outdoor gear. Overall, you may receive 3 to 7 items. And as far as the pricing is concerned, it will cost you only $29.99 per month plus shipping and handling.

2. Advanced Plan

Are you a gear junkie or looking to just test the waters? This package could be a great investment. It contains all the items in the basic plan and other higher-value products. These include hiking essentials, camp equipment, EDC gear, bushcraft, and more.

When it comes to the subscription fee, you’ll only have to part away with $59.99 per month and shipping costs.

3. Pro Plan

Next up, we have the Pro plan which is designed with survivalists, preppers, and the professional outdoorsmen in mind. The package includes all the items from both the Basic and Advanced plans. On top of that, you will receive other top tier products like watches, tents, backpacks, and sleeping bags.

That said, it will cost you $99.9 per month and shipping fee to receive these products.

4. Pro Plus Plan

Lastly, there is the Pro Plus plan which is best suited for anyone who is extremely enthusiastic about survival gear. It includes everything from the other packages. Besides, each box contains brands like CRKT, Kershaw, Bastion, TOPS, Spyderco, and many more.

This explains why it’s a little bit pricey but at the same worth every penny. Basically, it will cost you $149.99 per month plus shipping costs to receive this box.

BattlBox Subscription

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Shipping, Delivery & Return Policy

BattlBox ships to all the 50 states in the U.S. and Canada. Unlike some companies, they don’t provide the convenience of free shipping to its customers for the subscription packages.

Their shipping costs vary on a monthly basis depending on the size and weight of your subscription box. Also, where you live determines the shipping charges. So, the only way to know is to enter your shipping information at checkout. However, you should prepare to pay somewhere around $10 per shipment.

The good news? If you buy individual items, there is free shipping on some selected products. This includes products like single man tent, camp stove set, self-defense belt tool, primitive bush knife, and many more.

So, how about their delivery? Well, if you sign up on the 3rd of the month by 11:59PM EST, your box will ship by the 9th of the same month. And, it should arrive no later than the 15th. However, if you subscribe after 11:59PM EST on the 3rd, your BattlBox shipment should start on the following month.

When it comes to their return policy, the company doesn’t accept returns or offer refunds if you’re not satisfied with your box. However, if you find an item broken inside the box, they can send you a replacement or another product of similar value. But you’ll need to contact them within 15 days of receipt.

Customer Support

For any queries that you might have, you can contact BattlBox via email. They have three different sets of email including for general and shipping questions along with suggestions.

According to different independent sites, their customer service is really good. They are always quick to respond to questions and even complaints.


  • Delivers a new box of items curated just for you every month
  • Allows you to cancel or even change your subscription anytime
  • Fast and secure checkout process in just a few clicks
  • Suitable for beginners to professional outdoorsmen
  • Each box includes only high-quality gear
  • Offers different tiered subscriptions so you can choose one based on your needs
  • You can use most of the gear in your everyday life
  • The higher tiers offers good value for money


  • Does not offer refunds if you’re not completely satisfied with their products
  • You may receive gear that you simply don’t need
  • The Basic plan does not really offer value for money

Final Thoughts

If outdoors and survival are your thing or you enjoy the anticipation of a mystery box every month, BattlBox might work for you. Every box you receive contains only high-quality gear that has been hand-selected and field-tested by their team of experts.

Best of all, you get to receive new items every month. So, overall, this service does offer a great bang for your buck.